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Ensuring projects run smoothly keeping everyone in sync

One thing we quickly realised way back when we started out is that projects can quickly go pear shaped when tasks are not organised and people are not all in sync. Both ourselves and our clients plus other people involved with different roles have one common goal: Finishing a project or a task together!

When various members of a project are not in sync together and emails are flying around from all parties forgetting to cc in certain members projects become quickly unorganised and members become out of sync together. In our experience we have found projects which fail are usually from unorganised teams and members of the project not being in sync with each other.

Whether it is a quick task on a pre exisiting magento site or a full new project it is key to keep things organised and all members in sync. This is why we use an excellent system called Wunderlist which can be applied to your computer, smart phone and even your tablet. Each task is automatically synced between members meaning there is no need for a save or publish button, once a task is listed the whole member list is notified and is then able to comment or upload files required for that specific task. Once a task is then completed we are able to mark the task as complete again notifying everyone of the progress or status of each task.

We understand clients have busy life's and are often on the move, this is why our task management system is quite simply genius! you might be travelling on a train, and decide you need a task doing or something changing on your magento site, all you would need to then do is whip out your smartphone and list the task on the system. Once you have done this our whole team and anyone else added to the list would be alerted, we can then either ask for further clarification or any files to be added which are required to complete the task.

How it works?
Why our task management system is the best:
  • Projects stay organised
  • Everyone stays in sync and updated
  • Tasks can be discussed on a task by task basis
  • Files can be uploaded to tasks which are required to complete, giving everyone access to download the file
  • Clients can see what work has been done and what is still outstanding
  • Clients can add/remove members to the task list

It is the same for complete new projects aswell as projects which need on-going work, from organising and prioritising tasks to keeping up to date with the current status of work Wunderlist takes the headache away. Gone are the days of hundreds of emails flying around from various people and piecing together email strings, simply login to the wunderlist and keep a track of everything.

Time keeping

Aswell as managing projects with Wunderlist, we also use it for time keeping, and keeping track of how long tasks have taken to complete. This helps us cut down costs on accounting and ultimately be able to offer our services are the best rates. Time keeping is important both from our end as a company but also to ensure you our client is only commissioning for the work that is done and no more!

For more information on wunderlist click here or to download wunderlist click here

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