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Small businesses with big ambitions use Magento platforms to build a profitable online store.

The latest in eCommerce technology, Magento is the fastest growing online marketing tool with a proven track record of turning browsers into buyers. Selling goods and services online has never been easier. The user-friendly platforms offer more than just a shop window to the world, but throws in a salesman as well. Magento promises to meet your business needs and the requirement of your customers.

Experts in Magento eCommerce

To improve your profits, Magento websites are the way forward. And fortunately for you, design17 are experts in Magento design and development. Our skilled technicians are capable of building custom Magento sites from scratch or developing an existing site. And not only that, we offer design services too. In fact, we are so confident about our specialist knowledge of Magento technology, we offer free advice and support and will answer your questions immediately via phone or email.


Because Magento integrates into your business operations it gives you complete control of your website so that you can manage your eCommerce solutions according to your business needs. And that´s not all. Magento is also equipped with Customer Relationship Management solutions allowing you to build relationships with existing customers and attract new customers.


The flexible open source platform supports business processes so you can run operations smoothly and effectively. With built-in access and automatic updates of your accounts, payment processes, shipping and logistics you have instant access to every aspect of your business in an instant.


Magento websites are fully optimized to score highly with search engines and drive traffic to your site. Compatible with Google Analytics, Google Adwords and XML sitemaps you can reach a wider audience and monitor the performance of your website.


Because of its versatility, Magento gives you more options to market the products you want to push. Show off your best selling products in a zoom display and allow customers to filter, arrange and group your products to suit their tastes. In essence, Magento makes for a pleasurable online shopping experience that make your customers come back for more.

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